If you cannot see anything, you probably have a poor HTTP browser. If you cannot hear anything despite seeing it, you probably have no audio device.

The operation is pretty simple. When the  is gone, you are prompted to spot a new location for it. To do this, click somewhere on the table where the  is to be set. If this point happens to be invalid, the applet beeps at you, and you have to try once more. To shoot, click on the table, drag the mouse, and release the mouse button. The queue will hit the  from the direction of the point where the mouse was released, and the initial speed of the  will be proportional to the distance between this point and the location of the . Speed proportionality factor and friction are measured in 1/s (=(pixels/s)/pixels). Non-positive values are admissible :-)

The applet does not work with

The applet works with

Needless to say that you won't enjoy the animation very much if you have a slow computer. The trickiest part of this applet is a sophisticated scheduling scheme for calculating and drawing frames. One compromise I had to take is to limit the number of skipped (in drawing, not calculating, of course) frames. Hence fast movement will be shown in slow motion if the executing computer is not fast enough.